Renovating Ringo’s Birthplace

Ringo at his childhood home
Madryn Street in 2021, where Ringo Starr was born
Madryn Street in 2021, where Ringo Starr was born

The story of Ringo Starr’s birthplace is one that stretches back over 15 years, when all the residents were moved out before demolishing the houses in all of the Welsh Streets, including Madryn Street where Ringo was born on 7th July 1940.

A Young Ringo outside his house
A Young Ringo outside his house

With local government threatening to demolish Ringo’s birthplace, I helped lead the campaign to save Ringo’s home at 9, Madryn Street – and we won!!

Discover the whole story, including the transformation of Ringo’s house and those around it, during our next Virtual Tour on Saturday 15th May at 7pm.

In the latest joint Virtual Tour, join David Bedford and Richard Porter as they look at the houses of The Beatles in Liverpool and London, with some surprising stories!

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Beatles Homes in Liverpool and London

9, Madryn Street
9, Madryn Street

“Let ’em In” – The Beatles Homes in Liverpool and London

Join David Bedford and Richard Porter as they take you on a journey from the Beatles humble origins in Liverpool to the splendour of their luxury homes in and around London.  Through Photos, videos, and stories, David and Richard will take you on a Long and Winding Road to the doors of the Beatles homes – and sometimes give you a ‘sneak peek’ inside!

Find out which Beatle painted the outside of their home in psychedelic colours

  • Who lived in the ‘Penny Lane’ area of Liverpool
  • Who still lives just a ten minute walk from Abbey Road
  • The apartment once lived in by Ringo Starr, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix
  • Which Beatles home was once a dairy and another a nunnery

David and Richard take you on a personable, humorous, and informative mystery tour of known and hidden venues on the long and winding road of Beatles history! Sit back, relax, and enjoy as the experts guide you along. Highly recommended! We’ll return anytime at all !”


Fancy a Mad Day Out? Liverpool and London Beatles Photoshoots Tour

The Beatles Mad Day Out
The Beatles Mad Day Out

11th April 2021

The Beatles were probably the most photographed people of the 1960s – but do you know where the photos were taken, and the stories behind them?

David Bedford and Richard Porter will take you to the locations of Beatles photo shoots in Liverpool and London – from the banks River Mersey to Abbey Road.

Have a ‘Mad Day out’ with the Beatles on this unique virtual tour.

This is a live online tour, and that there will be a Q & A session at the end. It is a great opportunity to meet fans from around the world!

Join us now!

David and Richard

The Beatles Photoshoots: Liverpool and London

The Beatles in Dublin Street
The Beatles in Dublin Street
The Beatles in Dublin Street

All I’ve Got Is A Photograph

You’ve seen the photographs of The Beatles taken in Liverpool and London, but where were they taken? What is the story behind the photographs and the photographers?

From the earliest photographs commissioned by Brian Epstein in Liverpool to the Mad Day Out in London, we will be showing you plenty of Beatles photos and revealing some of the interesting stories that accompany those photos, and those locations today.

The famous Beatles "Butcher" Album Cover
The famous Beatles “Butcher” Album Cover

Join the Virtual Tour

Join David Bedford and Richard Porter as they take you on a trip through The Beatles photographs and photographers on a 2 hour webinar/ virtual tour on 11th April.

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The Beatles in Hamburg: Visit with David and Richard

The Beatles at the Indra Club
The Beatles at the Indra Club


On Sunday 28th February, join David Bedford and Richard Porter as they guide you on a virtual tour around Hamburg and learn more about the place that John Lennon said was where The Beatles “grew up”.

Should you come along? Here is a review from the most recent Virtual Tour that David and Richard did in January.   

Virtual Tour review

“Hello, my name is Chris Payne from New Jersey, USA. I have been a Beatle fan since that Sunday night in Feb. 1964 when I watched them perform on the Ed Sullivan Show along with the rest of the world. Since that night and throughout my child and adulthood, I read, watched, and listened to whatever was available to me, and their music as the Beatles and individually became part of my DNA. My family and friends all knew of my fanaticism and I thought I knew pretty much EVERYTHING there was to know about the Fab Four. Then came the internet!  Suddenly, there were songs, pictures, and stories that I had never heard, seen, or read.

“My Aha Moment”

“My final a-ha moment came when I went on a Beatles Virtual Tour with David and Richard. They have forgotten more Beatle information than I ever knew ! These guys are amazing, articulate, bubbling over with enthusiasm and they want to share their knowledge with you! 

“How much fun it is to learn more”

“So, if you think you are a Beatle know it all as I did, by all means, go on a Beatles Virtual Tour with these guys and be surprised by how little you may know and how much fun it is to learn more ! I’m looking forward to February 28th and spending a couple of hours in Hamburg, Germany with David and Richard. Come along and we can see where Paul, John, George, and Richie “grew up” and celebrate George’s 78th birthday which is on Feb. 24th or is it the 25th ? We’ll have to ask David and Richard ….see you then, I can guarantee a splendid time will be had by all !  Stay Safe ! Chris Payne.”

Virtual Tour – Come To Hamburg


Visit The Beatles’ Liverpool, Hamburg and London

The Beatles at the Majestic Ballroom
The Beatles at the Majestic Ballroom

Come to Liverpool, Hamburg and London with David Bedford and Richard Porter over the next few weeks as they take you on your own virtual tour experience to discover more about The Beatles.

Beatles Venues: Rare and Famous – 24th January 2021

Join David Bedford and Richard Porter as they take you on a Virtual Beatles Tour of some of the famous, but some lesser known, venues that The Beatles played in their career in both Liverpool and London.

You know The Cavern Club, but what do you know about Barnston Women’s Institute or Irby Village Hall? How about the Morgue or the Pillar Club, which existed before the Casbah and before The Cavern turned to rock ‘n’ roll?

You know about the London Palladium, but how about the Pigalle Club? The Blue Gardenia?

Through photographs, videos and a live commentary from David and Richard, journey with us to Liverpool and London and discover more about Beatles history.

Join the tour now

The Beatles in Hamburg – 28th February 2021

The Beatles at the Indra Club
The Beatles at the Indra Club

Join Beatles guides David Bedford and Richard Porter as they take you on a virtual tour around Hamburg. Visit more than just the famous Grosse Freiheit locations, as we take you on a Virtual Tour of the studio where The Beatles recorded “My Bonnie” and where many iconic Beatles and Stuart Sutcliffe photographs were taken.


Looking for Lennon in Liverpool and London

Lennon in Liverpool and London
Looking for the Real John Lennon in Liverpool and London

Beatles Experts present an interactive “Real John Lennon” Virtual Tour

Renowned Beatles experts and tour guides David Bedford and Richard Porter are joining forces for a special, one-off, joint virtual tour, where they take you on a trip through John Lennon’s Liverpool and London, sharing little-known stories and facts through a live presentation, videos, photos and audio.

This interactive Virtual Tour is on Sunday 29th November at 7pm (UK TIME)/ 2pm (EST) and lasts for approximately 2 hours. There will be a chance to answer some quiz questions and have a chat about what John Lennon means to us all.

We will be covering:

Lennon’s homes in Liverpool and London

His family

How he met Paul, George and Ringo

The songs about Liverpool and London life

Moving to London

Abbey Road, Please Please Me and beyond

Meeting Yoko

How his death changed Liverpool and London forever

The impact and legacy of his life and work

Come and Join Us

Come and join our special presentation and celebrate the life of John Lennon.


World War 2 Tour

American Planes travel through the streets of Liverpool
Plaque in Liverpool for the US forces who passed through Liverpool

Tomorrow, 6th September, is the latest Virtual Tour and this one is telling the story of Liverpool during the Second World War; the city that The Beatles were born into.

Discover stories of heroism, loss, and how Liverpool helped to win the war.

Join up now – only 24 hours to go!


Strawberry Fields Forever in Liverpool

The 1970s Strawberry Field Children's Home
The 1970s Strawberry Field Children’s Home

19th August Virtual Beatles Tour

Strawberry Field
Strawberry Field

Our latest Virtual Beatles Tour will go around The Beatles’ Liverpool, but on 19th August, we will be going behind the red gates at Strawberry Field in Liverpool, with many photos that have never been seen before.

The 1970s Children's Home
The 1970s Children’s Home

Follow the story from early Victorian mansion and the Salvation Army orphanage, through the 1970s Children’s home until it closed, to the brand new Visitor Centre. Come behind the gates to see the place that meant so much to John.

The new visitor centre at Strawberry Field
The new visitor centre at Strawberry Field

Join the Beatles Strawberry Field Virtual Tour

Latest Virtual Tour News

The Beatles Statues
The Beatles Statues
The Beatles Statues

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the first two Virtual tours this last week. The feedback was wonderful, for which I am very grateful.

Have a look at our home page with the reviews here

A fantastic experience everyone should take the virtual tour ……it’s the future now. The videos are brilliant! Save yourselves $3,000 and visit Liverpool virtually!Plastic EP, Melbourne, Australia

The next 2 scheduled Virtual Beatles tours are on 28th July and 1st August, so, if you haven’t signed up yet, come and join me.

One of our guests yesterday was Bob Sorrentino who runs an excellent podcast for which I am a regular guest. We dissect all things Beatles and he has some great guests on too. Some of you wanted to know more about Bob’s blog, so here is the link:

Thank you all for the support and encouragement!

David Bedford