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The Beatles Statues
The Beatles Statues
The Beatles Statues

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the first two Virtual tours this last week. The feedback was wonderful, for which I am very grateful.

Have a look at our home page with the reviews here

A fantastic experience everyone should take the virtual tour ……it’s the future now. The videos are brilliant! Save yourselves $3,000 and visit Liverpool virtually!Plastic EP, Melbourne, Australia

The next 2 scheduled Virtual Beatles tours are on 28th July and 1st August, so, if you haven’t signed up yet, come and join me.

One of our guests yesterday was Bob Sorrentino who runs an excellent podcast for which I am a regular guest. We dissect all things Beatles and he has some great guests on too. Some of you wanted to know more about Bob’s blog, so here is the link:

Thank you all for the support and encouragement!

David Bedford

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