Looking for Lennon in Liverpool and London

Lennon in Liverpool and London
Looking for the Real John Lennon in Liverpool and London

Beatles Experts present an interactive “Real John Lennon” Virtual Tour

Renowned Beatles experts and tour guides David Bedford and Richard Porter are joining forces for a special, one-off, joint virtual tour, where they take you on a trip through John Lennon’s Liverpool and London, sharing little-known stories and facts through a live presentation, videos, photos and audio.

This interactive Virtual Tour is on Sunday 29th November at 7pm (UK TIME)/ 2pm (EST) and lasts for approximately 2 hours. There will be a chance to answer some quiz questions and have a chat about what John Lennon means to us all.

We will be covering:

Lennon’s homes in Liverpool and London

His family

How he met Paul, George and Ringo

The songs about Liverpool and London life

Moving to London

Abbey Road, Please Please Me and beyond

Meeting Yoko

How his death changed Liverpool and London forever

The impact and legacy of his life and work

Come and Join Us

Come and join our special presentation and celebrate the life of John Lennon.


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