The Beatles in Hamburg: Visit with David and Richard

The Beatles at the Indra Club
The Beatles at the Indra Club


On Sunday 28th February, join David Bedford and Richard Porter as they guide you on a virtual tour around Hamburg and learn more about the place that John Lennon said was where The Beatles “grew up”.

Should you come along? Here is a review from the most recent Virtual Tour that David and Richard did in January.   

Virtual Tour review

“Hello, my name is Chris Payne from New Jersey, USA. I have been a Beatle fan since that Sunday night in Feb. 1964 when I watched them perform on the Ed Sullivan Show along with the rest of the world. Since that night and throughout my child and adulthood, I read, watched, and listened to whatever was available to me, and their music as the Beatles and individually became part of my DNA. My family and friends all knew of my fanaticism and I thought I knew pretty much EVERYTHING there was to know about the Fab Four. Then came the internet!  Suddenly, there were songs, pictures, and stories that I had never heard, seen, or read.

“My Aha Moment”

“My final a-ha moment came when I went on a Beatles Virtual Tour with David and Richard. They have forgotten more Beatle information than I ever knew ! These guys are amazing, articulate, bubbling over with enthusiasm and they want to share their knowledge with you! 

“How much fun it is to learn more”

“So, if you think you are a Beatle know it all as I did, by all means, go on a Beatles Virtual Tour with these guys and be surprised by how little you may know and how much fun it is to learn more ! I’m looking forward to February 28th and spending a couple of hours in Hamburg, Germany with David and Richard. Come along and we can see where Paul, John, George, and Richie “grew up” and celebrate George’s 78th birthday which is on Feb. 24th or is it the 25th ? We’ll have to ask David and Richard ….see you then, I can guarantee a splendid time will be had by all !  Stay Safe ! Chris Payne.”

Virtual Tour – Come To Hamburg


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