Virtual Liverpool Tours

Liverpool Pier Head
Liverpool Pier Head

1 Hour Virtual History of Liverpool Tour

Join us as we delve into over 800 years of history, from fishing village to the Slave Trade, Irish immigration, American Civil War, Second port of the British Empire and through two world wars.

2 Hour Virtual American Connections Tour

Did you know how many American connections there were with Liverpool? After the first War of Independence, America’s first consulate was established in Liverpool, such was its importance. We were then involved in the American Civil War to a significant amount that ships built here caused more damage than any others. The last act of the American Civil War happened in Liverpool!

Allies again, we fought two world wars together, with Liverpool the place where hundreds of thousands of US troops disembarked, as well as tanks, planes and supplies.

It was then that American music was to inspire groups like The Beatles to pick up guitars and form groups. However, there was still a large American presence just outside of Liverpool at the airbase. Liverpool had the biggest country and western scene in Europe too.